Exciting News for 2021: Open for business

Open for business

We are finally open for business

20 January 2021 marked the official launch of Melon Press. We officially opened our new business with the launch of our website. We are open for business!

Even though we had the privilege of completing a few orders in early January, the launch of our website marked the official opening of our new business.

After a very long year, 2020 was finally coming to a close. As we all usually do when a year is coming to an end, we started thinking about the new year, Contemplating what the new year might bring, new hopes and dreams, new ambitions, new resolutions and plans.

While looking to the future of 2021, ever so slowly creeping nearer and nearer, we began thinking about new business ideas. With the skills, experience and network we have built over many years, deciding on printing, design and branding just made sense.

So we entered the final month of 2020 planning our new business, Melon Press. A lot goes into starting a new business, and as we found once again, anything that’s worth something takes time and effort.

Having decided what our core business would be, we started preparing everything for an early 2021 launch. We quickly jumped onto social media platforms to ensure our company name could be reserved and registered our Facebook page and Instagram account. Some things do, however, take longer to perfect, like our website. Having a website is fundamental in this day and age; so we decided to wait until it’s ready before announcing our official opening.

When we finally reached the milestone, we already had everything else in place and could cut the ribbon, as they say. We were open for business and looking forward to meeting many new clients that will join our family-owned business.

Are you looking for a great partner to help your business with any printing, branding or corporate gifting? Then you have found us! Contact us now to see how we can help your business stand out with premium printing, branding & corporate gifting services.

We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you!